Luciana (Lucy) Palazzolo was born in Genoa, Italy, in 1954. While still a child she went to live with her parents in Rochester, New York, to join her mother's family.


She studied painting and photography from 1976 to 1979 at Rochester Institute of Technology, School of Design.
She enrolled as a full-time student at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York, in 1979 where she expanded her knowledge of still life and figure drawing, painting and color interaction. She worked closely with the gifted representational artist Prof. Montana and also with Prof. Beerman, who had been a student of Joseph Albers, famous for his color studies in the Bauhaus group. During this time she partook in the lively New York art scene. In 1982 the artist obtained a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts and decided to leave New York and move to Italy, where she has been living since.


Abstraction as a realm of the imagination has always been the chosen creative means used by the artist, initially seen in geometric compositions reminiscent of architectural structures. Later, a need for order and alliteration manifested itself through "BARS", lines which were aligned vertically, horizontally or diagonally in color fields throbbing with color.
She stillness of "BARS" eventually gave way to "TRAJECTORIES", where disembodied, transparent bars intersected and moved freely in a metaphysical space made up of smokey athmospheres.
In "TRAJECTORIES" the artist chose to use only black and white and charge it with so much intensity and energy that it vibrates as if it were pure, luminous color.


Recently, there has been a return to color, both in oil paintings and in the works on paper, primarily watercolors, as a means to express emotion and spatial relationships.
There is always a need to express the unseen, both in terms of feelings and states of consciousness.


The artist has participated in several one-artist and group exhibitions, and her works can be found in many private collections in Italy. Today she lives and works in Lomazzo, near lake Como.

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